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Just finished my StudioWorks Musical Theatre Intensive….32 students, 40 hours, 10 guest instructors, 2 original songs created (Thx to Sheena Grobb), 5 1/2 min. medley recorded (Thx to Elliot Lazar & Sunshine records), Meet & Greet with Shrek stars (Thx to Becky Frohlinger, Heather McGuigan and Jeigh Madjus), hundreds of lyrics and dance steps taught and refined (Thx to Donna Fletcher, Naomi Forman, Kimberley Rampersad and Catherine Wreford), dozens of characters created (Thx to Laura Kolisnyk & RobYn Slade), monologues and scenework coached (Thx to Robb Paterson & Ari Weinberg, thousands of notes played (Thx to Trish Franklin, round the clock commitment to greatness (Thx to Rebekah Jones) , memories made – endless!!!!!
Thx to all my participants!!!! See many of you this fall in StudioWorks Young Company and Adults Only programs: