There’s a new dance program in town!  Dancing with Parkinson’s Toronto, under the direction of Sarah Robichaud has joined forces with Tim Hague from Winnipeg’s U-Turn Parkinson’s group to bring the much anticipated DWP program to our city. As their inaugural instructor, I am thrilled with the opportunity to share my love and passion for dance with a community that is so vibrant. If you want to join us on Tuesday mornings, please check out

In the meantime, watch this great video and see if you can keep yourself from joining along….[0]=AZXkk9aJxzzjeXQR7ornkrkGpXc-y13Oto-BEZiSc-uuj34Eedf6Q_Nfapu5cc4LYNp1ZpRc_0cCHYA0rYd4EVpEY5iqTgo00Py31iaeQnBArkkMLL0LsR4uaN3OpwSSML7yorF-ZeOIsu23grPUr9_aJE_5Rv97BmWMsR0nLwe7xOUZcXNxjAAYraDPaMH1r4E&__tn__=H-R