So…20 years after the fact, I had the great pleasure of working in the Ceremonies Division of the Canada Games…and true to it’s name…it was the Hottest Summer in Half a Century. The heat was felt by all the performers, crew, technicians and backstage volunteers but everyone managed to pull of a spectacular show. There’s nothing like filling a football field with young and vibrant energy (performers and athletes) brilliant costuming (thx to PRP’s Brianne), colossal handheld props and supersize puppets (shoutout to Dan & his crew). The dancers were enthusiastic and well-taught by choreographer Jocelyn Peden, Kelsey Chase and our local team of dance captains- Maddie, Samantha, Brooke and more…Thanks to Patrick Roberge, Jen Jensen-Tracy, Heather, Megan and the entire PRP team for making it happen. See you in 2037!!